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Design, Sell, Automate with PoolDraw XML
PoolDraw 3D screen capture.


First and foremost, what you need from a computer based design program is a great drawing tool. PoolDraw is the most intuitive and easy to use drawing tool in the pool industry. Based on Microsoft Visio, it allows you to quickly draw and easily modify any line or shape. In addition it offers the most complete set of drawing utilities available.

Other program's simplistic "vector" based drawing may seem easy at first, but you will soon realize how limited and constrictive they are. Curved lines and shapes must be re-drawn to be even slightly modified. However, PoolDraw allows you the freedom to move and subtly tweak any line or shape. This "Free Form" drawing environment is not only quicker and more efficient; it encourages the creativity that makes you a great pool designer.

Since 1995 PoolDraw has been the most widely used pool design and sales software for builders of concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools. Developed by a pool-builder, PoolDraw XML helps you to easily and artistically design custom pools, but PoolDraw does so much more. It can produce, stunningly beautiful presentations, amazing interactive 3D, automatic price quotes by downloading dimensions and parts lists to excel, and detailed construction drawings for permitting and work crews. It is quite simply the most powerful and comprehensive automation tool in the pool industry.

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