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And in the end you need to be able to create an understandable and complete construction drawing. PoolDraw is the perfect tool for that task. What makes PoolDraw so effective is it's ability to easily consolidate all the necessary elements. The same drawing that you used for your presentation, 3D and price quote will be used in your construction drawing. No need to redraw. The dimensions and equipment information copied into Excel to create a price quote can now be copied back as a detailed equipment list. No need to retype. Radiuses are shown with one click. Pre-developed labeling and mechanical drawings are dragged in. Dimension lines quickly added. Even photos of specific features or finishes can be incorporated. Of all the different functions PoolDraw is able to perform, its ability to automate the production of construction drawings may be the biggest single time saver.

"Not just a Pretty Face" Quick and Comprehensive Construction Drawings
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